Caveman SkateTech is the expression of years of being enthralled with the act of riding sideways. It is the result of filling my teenage brain with the images of skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing for hours on end when I probably should've been studying, and then going out and doing those things. CST lives somewhere between an actual brand and a conceptual art project. I don't make boards for the masses. Most of them are one offs. The original press is a shaped 2x12 over which I clamp 1/8" plies of baltic birch. The new press is slightly more sophisticated and is so far a headache. But a caveman soon wearies of high tech and needs to go skate more. But mostly Caveman SkateTech is about making fun objects and going out and having as much fun as possible with your friends for the least amount of money spent. As Dee Boone said, Jam Econo.